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It’s official – for the next few months, the sun will set before I leave work. We get the prettiest colors in our sunsets at this time of the year, but I will miss most of them, which is part of the reason my #onemonthonelens challenge is going to evolve for October. I just won’t be able to get shots every day.

The other reason is that I very quickly felt like I have stepped into a trap of my own making, committing to publish a photo each day. It led to me putting some photos out that I’m not particularly proud of. So next month, I am going to aim for 2 photos each week, and my week starts on Monday.

This sunset though…I had just a few minutes to work with, and I am pretty happy with the result.

EXIF: ISO 6400 35mm f/9.0 1/100 sec.

Suburban Sunset

Sometimes you get lucky, and a subject saunters right up in your face and plants itself. Then the sun does it’s thing and BOOM! You don’t have to go hunting for a photo for the day.

This is a Vanderhall Venice, and they work their way into my fulltime job on occasion. You don’t see them very often, so I thought you might enjoy a peak.

EXIF: ISO 800 30mm f/9.0 1/60

Vanderhall Venice