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Today I took a maintenance day. I’ve managed to do a lot with the web site over the last couple of weeks, and I am enjoying the “One Month One Lens Challenge” I presented myself. I am learning a lot along the way. But there are things I haven’t been able to get to.

I have had a couple of people ask about buying prints, and I have a high end printer, but as I was looking into the logistics I decided it would be smarter for me to use a print-on-demand service.

So I did some research, read a lot of reviews, and I believe I have found one that will deliver quality product in a timely manner. I’ve uploaded a few photos that can be purchased as various types of prints, posters, and puzzles. but no tote bags or phone cases!

Check it out here.

I’ll be working on linking directly here at my site – their navigation system isn’t very loyal!

I missed it. This job thing I have, can be a real detriment to my creative efforts. Today from Noon to 7PM was the Manassas Latino Festival. We close at 5, but it was after 6 when I got done with a late customer, and right around 7 as I approached Old Town Manassas. As I was a few of blocks out, I could see the crowd dispersing, notably the young couples with the guys looking quite dapper, and the girls dressed to the nines. I nabbed an empty parking lot on the street less than 100 yards from the pavilion and slid the Goldwing into it. Not a good sign.

I grabbed the camera and moved fast. The band was still playing, but the diehard crowd of people dancing was pretty thin, and the vendors were packing up their tents. So I looked fast for a couple of shots; this is about as good as it gets. Everyone I saw, including those walking to homes nearby, had smiles on their faces. I assume it was a success!

EXIF: ISO 400 17mm f/4.0 1/80

Manassas Latino Festival

I’ll be honest, I had to look it up. I had never heard of Simca, a French automobile company that apparently went out of business before I was born. This is apparently a 1960 model. It’s pretty unremarkable. And then there’s the 2022 Porsche Taycan AWD.

The contrast is the only reason I’m sharing the photo; it’s really soft on the focus, I don’t know what happened. But I was over confident and didn’t take a second shot.

Earlier in the month I took a couple of photos of this church to show differences in different focal lengths with the same lens. This evening I went to do something very different, but as it turns out, the 17-40mm was not the lens for what I was looking for. That will come later though – it’s going to be a cool shot.

So since the sun was setting and I still wanted to get a shot in for the day, I took a few with intention of stacking a couple of images to get one really nice one. As it turned out, with a little Lightroom magic I was able to get a shot I am pleased with as it stands.

To be fair, this is a shot I’ve been looking for for a while, but since the fall sunsets have gotten good, the prime shot is usually gone by the time I get to here on my way home from work. I was off today so I went here on purpose. I’m glad I did.

EXIF: ISO 400 29mm f/8.0 1/125

By this time of the year, most landscaping outside of tourist attractions is starting to look pretty shabby. But this HOA is keeping their people on the ball! They don’t care that it’s been a long, hot summer, the days are getting shorter, fall is on our doorstep, and people have lost interest.

Which brings me to my point.

This is a fine photograph. It’s well composed, the sky is a pretty blue, the foreground is sharply in focus. Perhaps I could sell it to a landscaping company, or a nursery for advertising purposes. But it’s not compelling. It’s not the kind of images I want to produce. The fact that I took it made me think about the #onemonthonelens challenge I presented myself.

I’ve taken 389 photographs this month, not counting the 150 or so I took for work. I’ve presented 21 of them. I consider maybe 10 of them to be compelling photographs – the kind I want to take. I’ve been hunting to get a shot every day, and it’s hard to do that working a full time job and leaving work almost in the dark every day.

I don’t want you to lose interest. So I’m going to finish up September chasing a photo to post each day, but some things are going to change in October. I will still do one lens for one month, but my goal will be to present two compelling photos each week. I want to have some quality time with the camera and in editing, so I can present art, not just good photos. I want you to want to have one of my photos framed and hanging on your wall.

So let’s have a contest! I am starting newsletter – one email a month, promise. Anyone who signs up between now and then end of October will be entered to win either a 12″ X 18″ or 9″ x 16″ (depending on the crop) print of any photo of their choosing from among those I have presented in September or October! Click to sign up!

EXIF: ISO 400 32mm f:/8.0 1/640


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