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That’s what I strive to show in my portraits. I’m not part of the story, I’m the story teller.

Your portraits should capture your spirit, and the feelings for the people with whom you will share them. The photo is all about sharing yourself with the people you care about so that when they look at that photo, they see you.

That’s why I like to tell that story in an environment that’s natural to you.

Or maybe you need a professional portrait that shows your character and inspires confidence in your ability to get the job done.

Perhaps your company or organization is having an event that you’d like to capture for you, your employees, your members, or your clients.

Whatever the occasion, if you are hiring a photographer, it’s all about you. I’m good at working with you to make sure that together we capture the moment and the spirit.

I am also available for product photography and property photography, and I have a weakness for fast things with great lines that have wheels.

I work a full time job, so I am currently available on Sundays and Fridays. Please let me know how I can help you meet your photography needs.

By the way, my wife Dianne is gorgeous, isn’t she?

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