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Monthly Archives: August 2022

The “One Month, One Lens Challenge” starts tomorrow. I had to call it something.

The camera is a Canon 5D Mark 4. This thing is an absolute beast of a camera, and will be constant. Other things, such as flash, tripod, etcetera, I will introduce as they come along.

You have to start somewhere, so I’ve decided to go through my lenses based on the focal length of the lens, using the smallest length of my zoom lenses to determine each’s place in line.

For September, I will be using the Canon 17-40mm f/4L. Here is the pair:

I bought this lens to capture a specific image, or I should say there was a specific shot that frustrated me, and I knew that I wanted to do more similar. This is the resulting image:

As you can see, there’s a lot of real estate covered here, and captured from pretty close range. My image data (EXIF) says it was taken at ISO 400, 36mm, f/8.0, 400 with a 6-second long exposure. So the lens can go significantly wider. This is not a particularly expensive lens, but this one does the job very nicely.

I’ hope you will enjoy the images I capture with this lens in September. The bag is packed and ready to go!

With the web site setback, I’ve been having a hard time getting motivated to move forward. I’ve decided to challenge myself to post a photo from each day, using one lens from my collection each month. I may not post daily, but I will do the best I can to keep it interesting.

This challenge begins on September 1st, and I still have some work to do to be ready to do this.

Picture for attention!

Having my web site get hacked was an incredibly disruptive event, and more paralyzing than I thought it would be. I have spent the better part of a year stuck on the idea of trying to recreate what was here.

Then today when I finally took a look, I realized that would be taking a step backward. I have some images from the past that I want to put up, but I need to focus on something new to move forward.

So I am giving myself a challenge to come out on September 1st. My goal will be to go through my collection of lenses, one by one, and post one image taken each day for one month with that lens. I may not post each day, as life doesn’t always allow the time, but I will do my best to produce at least one worthy image each day.

Wish me luck.