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I carried the camera with me all week, but just didn’t find a lot of opportunities to capture anything great. I did catch a couple though, and Dianne and I are on a short mental health break out of Northern Virginia. We’re visiting Lynchburg, VA for a couple of days.

This shot makes me sad. I see this retention pond pretty clearly on a regular basis, but at a distance. It was rainy, and I decided to walk over and check it out. Maybe I’d catch a heron or something, I’ve seen them around. But no, what I found made didn’t improve my disposition toward the general public.

EXIF: 800 85mm f/6.3 1/60 sec.

Waste Pond

This shot was taken this afternoon at a place called Brightwell’s Mill. I kind of randomly found it looking at Google Maps, and it is close to where we are staying, so we swung by on the way. I have some shots of the mill I will share, and I may take the drone over for some aerial shots, but this was a detail shot I thought was cool.

EXIF: ISO 200 85mm F/5.6 1/50 sec.

RC Cola Thermometer


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