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My son Jason and I met after work and chased the sunset on our bikes this evening. This photo was taken at the Pass Mountain Overlook in Shenandoah National Park. That’s Luray, VA mid-left.

Part of this challenge for me is to train myself to find the shot with the lens on the camera, rather than chasing the lens. I want to develop a better understand of what the tools I have can (and should) do. One thing I have learned about the 17-40mm is that it does suffer from some corner vignetting at the lower end, easily corrected in Lightroom. I’ve also quickly come to realize that these wide shots benefit from the 16:9 crop, and I’m learning to find that in the camera.

I used a Manfrotto tripod with a Benro geared head, and shot remote using Canon Connect on a Samsung tablet. You can’t get a shot like this hand held.

EXIF: ISO 2500@ 17mm f/16 2.0 sec

Luray from Pass Mountain Overlook

In case you are keeping score, I have posted 3 photos so far in this challenge. That’s 3 out of 39 photos.


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