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We had some nice, white puffy cloud cover most of the day, so I anticipated a spectacular sunset. The clouds got gray going into the evening, but I was still hopeful. I checked out an app I have called “Ephermeris,” which tracks the cycles of the sun & moon with angles and times with a slant toward photography. I haven’t really figured it out yet, but I’m starting to.

I rode into D.C. and parked along East Potomac Park, taking a few shots of people along the way, and planted myself where I thought I would be able to get a good sunset behind the Lincoln memorial. The sky was pretty gray, and there wasn’t a lot of color.

So I didn’t get the shot I was looking for, but I am not unhappy with this one. Editing is very minor, other than the 16:9 crop, and a little clarity and dehaze, it’s how it came out of the camera.

I have some other shots that I will share from later, but this makes the shot of the day. Some of the others were taken with something other than the 17-40mm, so they weren’t under consideration. And I won’t cheat and use today’s shot on another day, that would defeat the purpose.

EXIF: ISO 400 @ 25mm f:/9.0, 3/10 sec.

Lincoln Memorial at Twilight


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