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I missed it. This job thing I have, can be a real detriment to my creative efforts. Today from Noon to 7PM was the Manassas Latino Festival. We close at 5, but it was after 6 when I got done with a late customer, and right around 7 as I approached Old Town Manassas. As I was a few of blocks out, I could see the crowd dispersing, notably the young couples with the guys looking quite dapper, and the girls dressed to the nines. I nabbed an empty parking lot on the street less than 100 yards from the pavilion and slid the Goldwing into it. Not a good sign.

I grabbed the camera and moved fast. The band was still playing, but the diehard crowd of people dancing was pretty thin, and the vendors were packing up their tents. So I looked fast for a couple of shots; this is about as good as it gets. Everyone I saw, including those walking to homes nearby, had smiles on their faces. I assume it was a success!

EXIF: ISO 400 17mm f/4.0 1/80

Manassas Latino Festival


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