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The eastern border of Prince William County sits on the Potomac River, and due to the never-ending development the shores have increasingly difficult access. But there are several parks and trails in places to do offer access and are well maintained.

One of those places is the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk, and I haven’t been back since Dianne organized the ribbon cutting ceremony when it was opened. This morning I approached from the Neabsco Road side since the boardwalk itself is closed overnight and doesn’t open until 6:30. I wanted to be in place before then, and after a short walk through the woods in the dark, I found that the observation deck was accessible.

Mother Nature did not disappoint. The observation deck has 2 levels, one right on the water and then a raised platform. The sky was starting to show some light when I got there, and I decided to set up close to the water but with the tripod up a little to get more refection, as the lily pads were blocking some of it down low. I took over 110 photos in less than an hour, this being one of my favorites.

EXIF: ISO 400 17mm f/11 1/20 sec.

Before the Sun Rises


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