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This is something I don’t think I have ever done – taken credit for a photo I took for work.

As many of you know, I work at a motorcycle dealership, an industry that I’ve been in for coming up on 9 years. Part of my job at the moment is marketing for the dealership, which gives me the opportunity to put my skills as a photographer to use.

One of the cool things that happens at a dealership, especially a larger dealership, is being visited by a Demo Truck loaded with new machines for both customers and employees to ride and experience. So when I pulled in to the parking lot this morning with a beautiful big blue semi parked in front of the store, I recognized that it would be a perfect opportunity to use my wide angle zoom lens. This is a non-standard crop to suit the subject.

EXIF: ISO 200 32mm f/8.0 1/160


Yamaha Demo Truck at Coleman PowerSports, Woodbridge


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