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I got kind of busy today, wrapped up working on the web site, some print options, and other things. As the day wound down I decided I better do something if I was going to get a shot in today. So I threw my bag and a tripod on the bike, and headed to Manassas Regional Airport.

I got lucky with the colors as the sun set.

I spent a some time at this airport when I was very young, my Dad worked for Colgan Airways. This was taken right next to the “new” terminal, on the opposite side of the airport from where Dad worked. I still like to get out there once in a while, you never know what interesting things you may find.

#onemonthonelens #burbscape

EXIF: ISO 400 17mm f/8.0 1/250

Love a Sunset at the Airport.

This short tree-lined stretch of pavement is a perfect example of the use of the word “Avenue.” I said earlier in the month that more pictures would come from Grant Avenue, and here is one of the Grand Ladies that I was always so fascinated by as a kid.

A half mile in either direction, things look very different, but here between Sudley Road and Church Street are mostly grand old homes. Some have been meticulously kept over the years, some have been brought back, and a few are showing their age. But most of them have yards of a size not often found in the area, and none of them look just like the house next door.

EXIF: ISO 400 17mm f/5.6 1/50 sec.

A Grand Lady of Grant

Today always puts Dianne and me in a bit of a funk, but we came up with some minor plans that involved the arts and oysters.

The oysters come with tasty beverages at one of our favorite places to grab a bite in Old Town Manassas, C.J. Finz. The food is always good, the service is always friendly, and the view ranges from entertaining to amusing.

I love the shot, but I do wish I had a flash with me so I could have gotten away with a lower ISO.

EXIF: ISO 1600 @40mm f/4.0 1/30 sec.

On Tap at C.J. Finz

This evening I chose a subject that was actually out of reasonable range for either end of the focal length of the 17-40mm lens, but I did it for a reason. Both shots were taken from the same spot, with a left of center focus point on the blonde horse left of center. Both were treated to the same Lightroom corrections, including the crop from the center.

This is Cherokee Winds Farm, nestled between Buckhall Road and Prince William Parkway, not a mile from the City of Manassas. I saw critters running and playing, so my impression is that they at least are still being well cared for.

#onemonthonelens #burbscape

EXIF: ISO 640 @17&40mm, f:/11 1/60 sec.

Cherokee Winds Farm @17mm
Cherokee Winds Farm @40mm