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This place has fascinated me for years, and for a while I drove by it daily. About a year ago I posted a video taken from my drone, you can find it here. This photo was taken from the side of Rt. 29, through a gap in the trees that allows a view without being obstructed by the fence. It drops of rather sharply right on the other side of the safety barrier.

I was sort of taken by surprise that the large series of spidery-looking structures that were featured in my video were not there, or at least not where they were. A quarry is obviously a constantly changing site, with different areas in different stages all the time. I don’t know enough about it to speak to it, but I at least understand that it always changes.

I visited today specifically because I am pursuing the #onemonthonelens challenge, and what better place to show what a wide angle lens can do than a massive hole in the ground. To give an idea of scale, the dump truck left center is the same model as the one in the foreground.

EXIF: ISO 200 17mm f/4.0 1/500 sec.

Luck Stone Quarry, Centreville, VA