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bicycle shop

There’s a little bicycle shop across from one of the offices I work in. The place looks like a complete dump, which probably means the guys is an absolute wizard when it comes to working on bicycles. Today though, I caught him sitting out back before opening time, working on what appeared to be an electric pressure washer.

After he fed the pigeons, of course.

So there’s a splash of color there on the side wall, with what are clearly not bicycle wheels (at least not modern bicycle wheels) painted in bright colors, and this mural that offers a vision of hope and all sorts of tree-huggy things that can easily be associated with bicyclists. Since it was a pretty dreary day, I thought the splash of color would be a nice contrast to the gray skies, promising of rain.

I actually went back over later in the day, when the storm had passed and the magical light of the “golden hour” was bathing the shop in it’s warm glow, under somewhat blue skies. But the store was closed, and the best part of this photo wasn’t there.

#onemonthonelens #burbscape

EXIF: ISO 800 @ 26mm f:/4.0 1/500 sec