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Today I took a maintenance day. I’ve managed to do a lot with the web site over the last couple of weeks, and I am enjoying the “One Month One Lens Challenge” I presented myself. I am learning a lot along the way. But there are things I haven’t been able to get to.

I have had a couple of people ask about buying prints, and I have a high end printer, but as I was looking into the logistics I decided it would be smarter for me to use a print-on-demand service.

So I did some research, read a lot of reviews, and I believe I have found one that will deliver quality product in a timely manner. I’ve uploaded a few photos that can be purchased as various types of prints, posters, and puzzles. but no tote bags or phone cases!

Check it out here.

I’ll be working on linking directly here at my site – their navigation system isn’t very loyal!


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