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Earlier in the month I took a couple of photos of this church to show differences in different focal lengths with the same lens. This evening I went to do something very different, but as it turns out, the 17-40mm was not the lens for what I was looking for. That will come later though – it’s going to be a cool shot.

So since the sun was setting and I still wanted to get a shot in for the day, I took a few with intention of stacking a couple of images to get one really nice one. As it turned out, with a little Lightroom magic I was able to get a shot I am pleased with as it stands.

To be fair, this is a shot I’ve been looking for for a while, but since the fall sunsets have gotten good, the prime shot is usually gone by the time I get to here on my way home from work. I was off today so I went here on purpose. I’m glad I did.

EXIF: ISO 400 29mm f/8.0 1/125


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