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Falls Church, VA was a magical place to me when I was a kid; Grandma & Pappy lived there. Now I work in Falls Church, at least some of the time, at a motorcycle dealership located fewer than 4 miles from that green house on Marthas Lane.

I’ve seen this monument on the way home many times, and suspected it was for 9/11, but never stopped until this morning. It’s a pretty little place, tucked into the corner at National Memorial Park, and well shaded by maple trees. They remind me of the ones in front of Grandma & Pappy’s house. Across the street is a Safeway store that I remember going into with Grandma, and Grandma & Pappy lie in rest just a few hundred yards away. It might be my new favorite spot in the area, and I plan to visit from time to time.

EXIF: ISO 400 17mm f/6.3 1/125

9/11 Monument at National Memorial Park


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