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I spent a little bit of time this weekend scouting some portrait locations. It’s not as easy as you may think!

Public locations are…public. Some have guidelines on use for photography, some require a permit be obtained. Some have fees just to enter, like certain public parks. Whether any of this applies or not, they are public spaces, so you may have crowds to deal with, and there’s always weather and lighting conditions to consider.

This effort came about at this time (I’m always looking) because I had a shoot scheduled for Sunday in D.C., but I caught on the news that there was supposed to be a “Trump Train” around the Capitol Beltway, and all the sudden the idea of going to the Jefferson Memorial became less appealing. We’re rescheduling, so I wanted to take that time to look for some spots in the area.

One of the spots I wanted to look at again was the Brentsville Courthouse Historic Site, and I was very pleased with what I found looking at it from this perspective. Brick buildings with white doors/windows and green shutters. Trees and grass, white fences. Best of all, this historic farmhouse tucked away in the trees.

Plus there’s ample free parking, good access, and it’s close enough to town that having a post-shoot lunch with a client is an inviting idea.

It’s a lot too think about, and I’m creating some pages for some of my favorite spots so you can get an idea of some attractive spots in our area. I’m open to your ideas too!

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