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Sally & Max,

It’s time to decide!

I’ve included the shots I picked as favorites, along with your selections. I will be packaging all of them, yours and mine, on a thumb drive for you in the resolution you see here when you “supersize” by clicking on the photo in the lightbox. The headshot is a gift, I’ll include that in full resolution, unwatermarked. I need to know what you’d like as your free 8X10, and the rest, if you click the check box, will show pricing for prints. Anything you choose as prints I will print without watermark, and include the full sized (suitable for printing) image without watermark for you on the thumb drive, as well as a print release so you won’t have any problem getting them printed elsewhere in the future. If you want multiples of the same image in the same size, the additonals will be 30% off the price shown.

I’m also offering you guys this package pricing:

Gold Print Pack – Get (2) – 11×14 prints, (2) – 8×10 prints, (5) – 5×7 prints, and 16 wallets ($147 value at ala carte pricing) for $65.40!
Silver Print Pack – Get (1) – 11×14 print, (2) – 8×10 prints, (5) – 5×7 prints, and 8 wallets ($115.50 value at ala carte pricing) for $50.40!
Bronze Print Pack – Get (4) 8×10 prints and (5) 5×7 prints ($105.50 value at ala carte pricing) for $47.40!

I normally package in each size being of the same print, in other words, the 8X10s have to be the same image, the 5X7s have to be the same but can be different from the 8X10. I’ll let you guys mix them up. It gets complicated, but make your picks and I’ll put together a final total for you before we start printing, then I’ll send a PayPal invoice.

If you need to reference a photo, the image number is in the upper left corner in the lightbox. The last 4 digits will get us there.



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