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Whether you have some items you’d like to sell on an auction site or a product you manufacture for the market, good quality photographs will help you sell them.

Good photos will make your items stand out, and show that you care enough about quality to get them made. Don’t rely on your cell phone to deliver when there’s money on the line!

I have the right camera and lenses, portable lighting setups, small stands of various sizes, and portable photo tents in different sizes to make sure we can get proper lighting without distracting glare.

What you get: Brightly lit, quality photographs that meet photo guidelines. For eBay, this means 1600 pixels along the long edge of the photo, with a white background – such as the ones you see here. Those guidelines are pretty good for most purposes, but if there’s another site you have in mind I will be glad to work with their guidelines or your specifications. Images will be sent to you via email, and without any watermark of any kind. You’ll also receive a digital print release, which covers usage rights just in case you are questioned.

If you need photos for print work, such as producing brochures or magazine work, I will be happy to work with you on those projects as well.

I have special hourly pricing for on-site product photography of $60 per hour with minimum 1 hour charge, billed in 1/4 hour increments. Travel fee of $100 per hour of travel if more than 15 miles from my address to yours. Expect to be able to get 30-50 usable photos, depending on how many views you need of each item, in a hour session.

Contact me at the bottom of the page to start the process!