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I book family events such as reunions, anniversary/birthday parties, and other family gatherings at $150 per hour with a minimum of 1-hour booking in 30 minute increments. I’ll deliver 50-100 web images per hour with a 72 hour turnaround time. I am not a wedding photographer.

Watermarked images will be placed in a downloadable gallery on my web site for you and your guests to download, so you can share them among family, friends, and on social media. High resolution, unwatermarked JPG files suitable for printing with accompanying print release may be purchased per the Print & Digital Pricing page. Please note that the only editing included is any necessary straightening of photos.

Your guests are offered the opportunity to purchase retouched, unwatermarked, high resolution prints or digital copies at my normal print rates.

Password protection for your gallery while it is on my web site is provided.

There’s no travel charges within 20 miles of my location.
Travel fee of $100/hour of travel time beyond 20 miles as measured by Google Maps apply.