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Pricing photography is a challenging process.

As a photographer I have thousands of dollars invested in my camera and lenses alone, plus there’s the lighting and flash equipment, tripods, and bags to carry everything in. Then when it comes to processing and printing, there’s the computer, the tablet, the software and software subscriptions, dedicated photo printer, papers, and space for all of it.

Then of course is my time. Not just the time I spend with you during your shoot, but also the time we may spend getting to know other and discussing your shoot beforehand, travel time, time to set up your proof gallery, time to help you select the best photos from your shoot, time to retouch and process your photos, time to set up your final gallery, time to print and/or burn photos to thumb drives for you, and the time to package and deliver the final results to you.

In the background there are classes to improve my knowledge and skills, and practice, practice, practice!

All of it adds up and has to be considered when setting prices for sessions and prints, while maintaining a balance of fair pricing and value. Value is the key word here – I won’t negotiate pricing, but I will deliver you a good value for the investment you are making in your memories!

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