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I can take posed portraits. There’s entire books out there just on how to pose subject for portraits. Classic poses that have stood the test of time and served both photographers and their subjects almost since the Brady brothers were taking photos 150 years ago.

But I like to have an interactive session, again, to capture you. What are you all about? A conversation before we start shooting is an important part of the session. Expect me to ask about your family, hobbies, sports, and other things that I will bring to light while we’re shooting, so that your photographs express your soul.

These are photos of my daughter, Samantha, taken her senior year. Hard to believe its been what, 7 years ago? We had a blast that day, shooting at the Manassas National Battlefield Park and in Old Town Manassas.  I wish I could shoot them again with the tools and experience I have now, but they do show what I call “The Faces of Sam.”

I guarantee all customer selected images double archived for a period of one year from the time of the shoot.

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