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All of my photography models (that would be YOU!) are granted print release rights as part of the package. What exactly does this mean?

With a print release, you are allowed to use the photographs I provide on a restricted basis for an unlimited time. You may:

  • Make prints for personal use – to share with friends and family, to keep in albums, etc.
  • Use them for printed things like Christmas cards, mugs, etc. as long as they gifts, and are not offered for sale
  • Use them on social media sites, personal web pages, etc.

You may not:

  • Crop (except as applied in social media formats or to fit for framing), apply filters, remove watermark, or otherwise alter any photograph
  • Enter photographs in any contest
  • Use photographs to promote any business or on any web site from which you produce or expect financial gain
  • Use them on any product produced for financial gain

If you wish to use them for any of these purposes, we can certainly discuss it and work out a specific licensing agreement. I will be reasonable.

Copyright is retained by me. This means that the image itself is the intellectual property of Tom Wahl Photography and as such is protected by law. I may use any photograph I take in my portfolio and to otherwise promote and market my business. I may not sell it or otherwise directly profit from it’s use without an agreement with you. In rare cases, copyright may be retained by the model by specific agreement, or in the case of product photography, may be granted by mutual agreement.