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Vintage motorcycle guys are kind of special. You take a group of modern motorcycle enthusiasts, put them in the same place, and they will usually be separated by bike type, or even brand. Take a bunch of vintage enthusiasts, and things get more friendly. I guess they all appreciate the effort required to keep an old bike running – or even better looking good.

This morning Dianne and I went out to Clifton VA, for the monthly gathering called “Bikes & Breakfast.” On the second Sunday each month, riders of ALL preference converge on this tiny town to share their passion. I didn’t want to miss this photo opportunity!

I focused on the older bikes, but don’t get the wrong impression. From high end Ducati Sport bikes, SuperMotos, and current touring bikes, it’s all there. And their owners are all walking around intermingling, respecting each other and the tiny town that plays host to them once a month, no matter the weather.

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