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1/48 Scale Hasegawa P-38F Lightning Build

This is my build journal for the 1:48 scale Hasegawa P-38F Lightning “94th Fighter Squadron kit.
Kit #09640 released October 2005 – now discontinued.

A Little Bit of Catch Up

I’m slower than I planned doing updates, but I build slow so it’s not a big problem.

I spend a lot of time filing mold lines, can’t stand them.


strut flash

I am using the Aries cockpit kit, my first try at resin. The detail is pretty amazing, and I found that the extra bits in the molding are easily taken out with a Dremel. Once I got them cleaned up, I installed the wheel column and whatever that lever is on the side, and primed everything with Badger primer, then shot it with Model Master Interior Green acrylic.

cockpit start

I also have the landing gear bays and parts primed and base coated in Neutral Gray. Some research indicated that although most of them let the factory with an aluminum paint, they were usually painted neutral gray before they arrived in the war zone.

bays painted

That’s about the extent of my progress, now comes the more detailed painting…

The Beginning

I’m not sure how long I have had this kit in my stash, but I vaguely seem to recall purchasing it in a Hobbytown USA store in Manassas. There hasn’t been a Hobbytown USA store in Manassas in several years. I do remember buying it because it came with 94th Fighter Squadron markings, and for years I have wanted to build models of the planes that make up the history of the First Fighter Wing, which I was assigned to. Having recently completed an F-15C in Wing Commander markings, I decided to take this one on next.


I removed the wrap from the box long ago, but I’m starting with a sealed parts bag.


A quick inspection shows pretty nice detail in the moldings without a lot of flash on parts. Everything is on 12 sprues, plus clear parts. Recessed panel lines and fine rivet detail abound – and the instrument panel isn’t bad but relies on a decal for detail. It would probably look nice, but I have a resin cockpit set on the way – along with some other detail parts.

detail1 detail2 detail3 detail4 detail5

I built several P-38s as a kid, a couple versions in 1:72 and a 1:32. Don’t remember which ones, but it’s odd I’ve never done one in 1:48 since I built a LOT of WWII fighters in 1:48. I read a review on this kit which noted that it was the only kit in 1:48 that featured the properly upturned wingtips – nice! The copyright on the article was 1999, and this kit was retooled a re-released in 2005. My directions indicate a 2005 copyright so this one is a re-release, hopefully I don’t experience some of the problems he did.

I’ll post more as the build progresses. Not sure where I’m going to start since the aftermarket parts won’t be here for a week or so…