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Monthly Archives: October 2019

On September 30 I had the opportunity to shoot a charity golf tournament benefiting Veterans Next Mission.

This organization trains veterans in the building industry through a 4-year program where they gain hands-on experience building and remodeling homes. They work with experienced contractors to build a career for themselves, a mission I can get behind. You see, when I left active duty in 1993, there weren’t a lot of civilian jobs available for top-notch F-15 weapons system specialists.

For me, this was (confession time) my first opportunity to work as a professional photographer. I was happy to volunteer my time! I was nervous about it for obvious reasons, but really excited because I had the chance to be with my people! Honestly, I wasn’t sure where to start. It was rainy but the temperatures were perfect. They got me a cart, and I was on my own. Once the tournament kicked off, I made my way around the course to first get photos of each group. Then I went after action shots, then got ready for the closing ceremonies and awards.

I had an absolute blast, and look forward to working with Veterans Next Mission in the future!

Complete gallery here.