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The Beginning

I’m not sure how long I have had this kit in my stash, but I vaguely seem to recall purchasing it in a Hobbytown USA store in Manassas. There hasn’t been a Hobbytown USA store in Manassas in several years. I do remember buying it because it came with 94th Fighter Squadron markings, and for years I have wanted to build models of the planes that make up the history of the First Fighter Wing, which I was assigned to. Having recently completed an F-15C in Wing Commander markings, I decided to take this one on next.


I removed the wrap from the box long ago, but I’m starting with a sealed parts bag.


A quick inspection shows pretty nice detail in the moldings without a lot of flash on parts. Everything is on 12 sprues, plus clear parts. Recessed panel lines and fine rivet detail abound – and the instrument panel isn’t bad but relies on a decal for detail. It would probably look nice, but I have a resin cockpit set on the way – along with some other detail parts.

detail1 detail2 detail3 detail4 detail5

I built several P-38s as a kid, a couple versions in 1:72 and a 1:32. Don’t remember which ones, but it’s odd I’ve never done one in 1:48 since I built a LOT of WWII fighters in 1:48. I read a review on this kit which noted that it was the only kit in 1:48 that featured the properly upturned wingtips – nice! The copyright on the article was 1999, and this kit was retooled a re-released in 2005. My directions indicate a 2005 copyright so this one is a re-release, hopefully I don’t experience some of the problems he did.

I’ll post more as the build progresses. Not sure where I’m going to start since the aftermarket parts won’t be here for a week or so…

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